Reviewing Is Done (Part 1)

An addendum to my previous post...

An addendum to my previous post…

The End wasn’t really the end, of course. After I finished I went back to the beginning and began editing my book chapter by chapter. Yesterday I got to the end, again.

You can break down the changes I was making into three broad categories:

  1. Dialogue
  2. Plot holes
  3. Style

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The End

Today I had the privilege of tapping these two words on my keyboard:

There is still a lot to do. For one, I need to decide whether I’m actually going to have the words ‘The End’ in the book (current answer: probably not).

As it stands there are 16 chapters plus an epilogue. I’m thinking of scrapping one of the chapters entirely as I don’t think it adds anything to the story. All of them need editing before I’m happy with them.

But I can enjoy the view from here for a few moments before heading back to the grind.

2016 Book Update

Happy New Year! Credit: Lenabem-Anna J.

Happy New Year! Credit: Lenabem-Anna J

This time last year I was hoping to have finished my book by now.

That hasn’t happened, although I’ve come a long way.

In January 2015 the novel barely existed on paper. I’m now about 56,000 words in.

I still have a bit to do, including finishing off the last chapter and the epilogue. There is some substantial rewriting to do because I didn’t plan it properly. It seems like almost every time I do any writing I’m reminded of this mistake I made at the beginning!

The work doesn’t stop when I get to ‘The End’. I want to get a front cover designed, decide on a title and continue to get the word out and. As it stands, I plan to go down the self-publishing route on Amazon.

I think the writing will take another two to three months, plus two or three more for the editing and various other details to be finalised before I hit the ‘Publish’ button. That would take me through to June, which seems reasonable for now. Don’t set your watch by these estimates though.

New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. To read more – fiction, non-fiction and more about online publishing
  2. To blog more frequently and regularly

How to Write a Character Biography

Think of your character biographies as entries in a dictionary. Credit Liz West, reused under Creative Commons

In one of my previous posts I talked about how I use character biographies for my book. I skimmed over the details what a character biography is, how to put one together and why they are so useful. Let’s backtrack a bit and discuss this. Continue reading